Freaked Out – The Book

Freaked Out: How Hidden Developmental Traumas Can Disrupt Your Life and Relationships.

Hidden developmental trauma can disrupt your life and relationships and cause you to freak out. It is hard enough to be a human being. You, like many people, freak out just trying to cope with the stress from competition to be better than those around you. And you have conflicting thoughts where you judge, criticize and second-guess your every move and feeling state. It’s easy to get confused and anxious in your attempts to be successful and happy.

What’s in the Book?

This book, Barry Weinhold’s 56th, can help. It contains the best-of-the-best material, with the latest information and tools available to heal the long-term effects of developmental traumas. It contains proven tools that he used to locate and heal his own hidden developmental traumas, and has used with his clients for the past 40 years as a licensed psychologist. He also taught them to his graduate students during his tenure as a university professor.

Reading this book will give you hope that you can overcome the long-term effects of hidden childhood traumas and live a more relaxed and happy life. The first half of this book helps you identify your hidden developmental traumas using self-quizzes and examples, so you can apply the content of the book to your own life and relationships. The second half of the book contains the healing tools to help you stop freaking out when you are with certain people or are in certain situations. These people or situations trigger memories of the feelings connected to the original childhood trauma and cause you to freak out. Most of the tools described in the book also work if you are suffering from an event trauma caused by an accident, natural disaster or combat situation.

Freaked Out begins with information about event trauma and how it differs from developmental or relational trauma. Part One of the book focuses on how event traumas and relational traumas can disrupt your life. Part Two focuses on the long-term effects of hidden and unhealed developmental traumas on your relationships. Part Three provides the tools you need to heal these disruptive emotional reactions.

Other Freaked Out Resources

This book has its own website — visit it here at and be sure to “like” us on Facebook at. Here you will find new information and tools about how to Freak Out No More by identifying and healing the long-term effects of hidden developmental traumas.




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