The Freaked Out Online Courses

FO womanIf you are like most people, you probably freak out more than you would like. The Freaked Out  online courses are designed to help you better understand why you get anxious and freak out in certain situations and around certain people.

Our research shows that at least 90 percent of adults have some hidden developmental traumas that disrupt their lives in some significant way. These courses help connect the dots between hidden early developmental traumas and problems you are experiencing in your life, particularly in your relationships.

The ACE Study about the long-term effects of “adverse childhood experiences” (ACE’s) shows that hidden developmental traumas cause serious health problems in adults, including anxiety. For example, subjects that reported four or more ACEs had a 50 percent higher risk of developing heart disease as an adult than those with no ACEs. The number of ACEs correlated directly increased risk of cancer, addictions, diabetes, stroke and depression.

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About the Freaked Out Course Series

Freaked Out 101 contains five self-quizzes to help you personalize the information presented in the course. Freaked Out 202 and 303 are in production.  We hope that these online courses will help you connect the dots between childhood trauma and difficulties you might be having in your life and relationships.


The Course consists of:

  • Three one-hour classes (See below).

Class One:

  • What Are The Collective Influences That Keep Everybody Freaked Out?
  • How 9/11 Freaked Out People.
  • The Story of a Freaked Out Family.
  • How to determine why you freak out in certain situations or with certain people.
  • Two Self-Quizzes to help you apply the content to your life situation.

Class Two:

  • What Causes Developmental Traumas in early childhood and adolescence.
  • What are the lasting effects on adult behavior?
  • How to uncover hidden developmental traumas.
  • Three Self-Quizzes to help you apply the content to your life situation.

Class Three:

  • Homework Assignment: Identifying hidden developmental traumas currently affecting your life and relationships.
  • A Self-Quiz helps apply the content to your life situation.
  • The Drama Triangle: What does it mean and how does it affect your life and relationships.
  • The four ways to work on healing your hidden developmental traumas.

Students are Saying:

“When I took the course, it was immediately apparent that Barry was able to help me understand new terminology that I could then apply to my situation. His narration of the slides gave me the opportunity to identify/direct/shift my consciousness for success. Barry built a great foundation during the course that helped me focus on each developmental trauma in my life. He helped me to identify why I am behaving the way I am and then suggested many different ways that I could use to change my behavior! Take this course and change your life and legacy.”

Savannah Hope, Author

Health Professionals are Saying:

“As we know, mental health is closely associated with physical health.  This “Freaked Out 101” online course will help me uncover underlying mental, emotional and developmental issues, so that I can treat my patients more effectively.”Ronald A. Paxton, D.C.

The Freaked Out 101 was as practical as it was insightful! It was well researched and presented, and gave me some excellent tools for addressing some thorny issues.

Angela Gainer, Acupuncturist

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