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Stress: It’s All In Your Beliefs!

Experts such as Dan Siegel say stress is all in your beliefs! It’s your beliefs about stress–not the stress itself– that determines whether an experience has a positive or negative impact on you. Let’s face it: we live in a world where we can’t avoid stress. Periodic freak-outs are an    inevitable part of responding to life’s challenges. If we believe that […]

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Freaked-Out Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Dr. James L. Wilson is an expert on adrenal fatigue, a topic of great importance to people who experience regular or chronic stress from being freaked out and emotionally overwhelmed. According to Dr. Wilson’s article about adrenal fatigue, “every time you experience any kind of stress, whether internal, like a sore throat, or external, like an angry teenager, […]

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Treating Symptoms vs. Healing Anxiety, Stress & Trauma

What’s the Difference? What I read about helping people with anxiety, stress and trauma focuses mostly on the treatment model. Treating symptoms of anxiety, stress and trauma typically includes using tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medication, and is typical of the Western medical model. The goal of the treatment paradigm is to reduce, relieve or eliminate symptoms. The […]

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Freaked Out 101: An Online Course

 Freaked Out 101: How Hidden Developmental Traumas Can Disrupt Your Life and Relationships, is an online designed to help you better understand why you get anxious and freak out in certain situations and around certain people. Our research shows that at least 90 percent of adults have some hidden developmental traumas that disrupt their lives in some significant way. […]

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