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Freaking Out is a catch-all phrase for a complex set of biological and psychological reactions that are outside our conscious control. This site will help you understand what causes freak-outs and how to bring them under your conscious control. This site will help you connect the dots between  invisible early developmental traumas, adverse childhood experiences, PTSD and emotional freak-out experiences you might be having in your life, particularly your close relationships.

Peace of MindThis site was created to help you better understand why you and others freak out in certain situations and around certain people, and what they can do during freak-out moments. Our research indicates  that about 90 percent of adults have some hidden developmental traumas that are disrupting their lives in some important way. We also know that it’s possible to get beyond the anxieties and struggles associated with freak-out episodes, and that’s why this website is called Freaked Out No More! 

We’ve brought together a lot of information to help you understand the causes of freak-out episodes, particularly the role of triggers related to unhealed developmental trauma. And we’ve also collected a lot of resources to help you Freak Out NO MORE! 

The first step is making sense of what happened to you during your childhood is a big step in stopping anxiety, depression and emotional freak-outs, so that you can bring them into your conscious awareness  Connecting the dots between past trauma and present behaviors  does several important things.
1. It helps to integrate the MindBody and reorganize the parts of your brain and your nervous system.
2. It changes your perceptions and beliefs about yourself and others.
3. It changes your patterns of behavior.

Freaked Out No More will also help you recognize that anxiety and emotional overreactions to people or situations are caused by hidden developmental traumas related to adverse childhood experiences. Developmental trauma is similar to but also different from PTSD in important ways that this site will help you understand.

Freaked Out No More also gives you access to our online courses, Freaked Out 101, 202 and 303. You can take these courses in the safety of your home, and learn about developmental trauma at your own pace. It’s ideal for people who struggle with anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

The Freaked Out 101 course helps you connect the dots between hidden early developmental traumas and the disruptions you are experiencing in your life, particularly your relationships. The free Self-Quiz and a 30 minute Introduction will help you determine how much your overreactions to people or situations are related to hidden developmental traumas. 

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Barry & Janae Weinhold are educators, authors, and clinicians with over 30 years of collaborative experience as researchers working to identify and heal developmental trauma. Much of their wisdom comes from healing developmental trauma in their own relationship “laboratory.” Out their personal work and professional training, they created a framework for understanding the powerful impact that traumatic childhood experiences have on individuals, couples, families, social and governmental institutions, and the evolution of the human species. As part of their self-development quest and their desire to understand the development of human systems, they have traveled extensively, lived abroad twice, and partnered with NGO’s in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Weinholds integrative research on developmental trauma and their developmental paradigm  permeates their  counseling, teaching, training & coaching and the more than 50 books they’ve written.  They co-direct two organizations in Colorado Springs, CO, where they live–the Colorado Professional Development Center, and the Colorado Institute for Conflict Resolution & Creative Leadership.

Barry and Janae have been married for 30 years and are devoted partners, parents of four children between them, and grandparents of three.